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Cruising Mom Blog is a place to start your research. We’re building this site to be a one-stop shop for helping you answer your ‘sailing life while living aboard with your family’ questions.

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‘Point of need’ resources are, as the name suggests, resources that you need. right. now. They can also be saved ‘just in case’ you need them later, and accessed ‘just in time’ when you do.

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Have you spent an overwhelming amount of time looking for answers to family cruising questions only to find yourself feeling even more confused then when you started? Cruising Mom Blog will efficiently help you find answers.


We’ll help you grow your cruiser learning network with people you should know, and even though connecting cruising families is not my forte, I CAN point you in the right direction to other sites who do it exceptionally well.
Hi! I'm Kelly.

Hi! I'm Kelly.

S/V Purrfect

We’re a crew of 4: me, my husband, & our 2 girls on our 2003 47 Leopard. We’re U.S. East Coast/Bahamas cruisers nearing the end of our second year of a one year cruise. 😊

Before taking off, years of research, planning, and saving went on. I know some cruisers who’ve gone ‘all in’ on a whim…that’s just not me. For better or worse.

When prepping, even when searching for solutions while we’ve been on the water, I’ve found a lack of ready made resources for cruising families. I’m a tech savvy former YA librarian and searching for information is kind of my thing. Sure, there are lots of cruiser family blogs to read, oogle over, and live vicariously through, but I find very few sites with point-of-need resources to help solve the pain points of cruising families. The closest I’ve found are Facebook Groups (which I love), but you have to search through a lot of fluff to get to the meat.

So, here I am. Filling a void that I’ve found in our cruising family community to help others save time yet still get quality information.

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