Do you have a kid who devours books in your crew OR do you have a stubborn reader, one who would rather jump ship than read for twenty minutes? Maybe you have a young, just beginning to read chapter books, child. Boatschooled Book Club is for all types of readers!

What is the Boatschooled Facebook Group?

Boatschooled is a community where boatschooling parents can share ideas, resources, and curriculum. Homeschooling on a boat is a hot topic in our community. When Michelle, the admin, started cruising with her family, she felt like she was clogging up the Kids4Sail group with homeschooling questions, so she created the Boatschooled group as an additional resource. While cruising she met Stef, a cruising mom and former STEM teacher, added her to the admin team and together they’ve built a friendly and knowledgeable homeschooling community for cruising families with almost 900 members! All types of curriculum are discussed here from structured purchased programs, like Calvert, through UnSchooled crews. Members share what’s working for them and seek help for what’s not. It’s a very supportive group!

Boatschooled Book Club

After seeing some interest in having a book club in the Boatschooled group, I approached Michelle about trying something I had done previously. Before living the glamorous life of a cruising mom *cough*cough* I was a school librarian. I had hosted virtual book club meetings using Twitter and thought this format would work well. After some dabbling, we decided to use a Facebook Event to facilitate the virtual meeting, and have done so now with great success.

Meetings are usually the last Thursday of the month. There are two groups to choose from, Independent Readers and Emerging Readers. Our original intention was to have one group for kids who love reading and one for kids who are learning to love reading. For a few reasons this hasn’t quite functioned as intended, but know that the book choices for the ‘Independent Readers’ group might be for a more mature audience than then ‘Emerging Reader’ group. Ultimately the kids decide which books they are reading, but you’re the parent and you get to make the call for your kid. Update: We’ve merged the two reading groups and will make sure book choices are good for all audiences.

How Do You Participate?

If your child is a voracious reader, you probably don’t have to do much more than put the book in their hands and give them access to the Facebook Event. If your child struggles with reading or is an emerging reader, you might need to give them more support, like giving them reading targets so they’ll finish before the meeting. Also reading with your child or reading to them is always a good idea, regardless of their age.

  1. Join the Boatschooled Facebook group (if you’re not already a member) and mark that you’ll be attending the next book club meeting. (You’ll find the meeting marked on the group’s events calendar.)
  2. Have your child read the book before the meeting.
  3. On the date of the meeting, with your child, go to the event on your Facebook account. 
  4. While waiting for the event to begin, take the poll to vote for next month’s book (review links in comments).
  5. To participate in the event, the host will post pics in the event feed with questions and your child will respond by posting comments. (There are usually 5ish questions.)
  6. Have fun chatting about books with other cruising kids across the globe!

Meetings are ~30 minutes. The intention of our meetings aren’t to drill the kids for plot details (who would want to do that?!), rather we take the book a step further by getting aquatinted, discuss the book and share our thoughts. Some use our meetings for curricular purposes, and others, extracurricular. If you have any questions about Boatschooled Book Club, let us know!

What we’re currently reading:

…nothing actually. We’re on summer break. 😀 (Although I bet there is still a lot of reading going on.)

We’ll post next season’s plans by mid July. Thanks all!

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