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While I’ve been cruising, and even before when we were prepping, I’ve found a lack of ready made resources for cruising families. Yep, there are some great cruising books, Facebook groups and pages, but you have to search through a lot of fluff to get to the good stuff. Sure, there are a lot of excellent cruiser family blogs to read, oogle over, and live vicariously through, but there are very few sites with point-of-need resources to help us solve the pain points of family cruising life. is not about my cruising adventure. Really, it’s not about me at all. It’s about filling a void that I’ve found in our cruising family community to help others save time yet still get quality information.

What are affiliate links?

The great thing about purchasing through an affiliate link is that it costs nothing extra. I simply link a product and the company I’m referring you to pays me a little bit when you purchase something after clicking on that link. That’s it. Know that I take this responsibility seriously. I’m a God-fearing woman who certainly will not sell my soul to make a buck. I’ll only recommend products or services that I’ve personally used and will never suggest something I think is crap.

When I was preparing to cruise, I purchased a lot of stuff through affiliate links. I needed the things we were buying anyway and purchasing through an affiliate link is like saying ‘thank you’ and ‘keep it up’ all at zero extra cost. It’s a win-win.

Final thoughts…

Currently I work ~ 20 hours a week on writing articles, researching content, chatting with cruisers on social media, and I do all of this while sailing, exploring new places, boatschooling 2 kids, cooking, cleaning, and enjoying my cruising adventure with my family. I didn’t go into this thinking I’d make a ton, but knowing that I’m helping people make better decisions about their family cruising adventures makes me feel pretty darn good.


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