You might be asking yourself, ‘What the heck is a Cruiser Learning Network?’ Good question! You probably already have one, but just call it something else.

What is a Cruiser Learning Network (CLN)?

A CLN (Cruiser Learning Network) is the people you learn from about cruising life. They share their experiences and hard-earned cruising lessons, so we don’t have to make their mistakes. They are ‘your people’, your friends, and you might never meet them in person!

I hope you have either a physical CLN through a local club, or, like myself, a virtual CLN. If you’re not tapped in yet, no worries! will help you find your people! 

When we started cruising, my CLN was very small. My friends and family didn’t ‘get’ the cruising life, and although they were great encouragers, they just couldn’t relate to ins and outs of daily cruising life. Have you experienced this? 

Know that, now, my CLN has grown exponentially, and I want to share it with you! Valuable resources at your fingertips when you need something as detailed as a step-by-step tutorial or merely a timely word of encouragement when life hands you a challenge. 

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been cruising, newbie or veteran, everyone needs people who are in their corner…who understand their struggles and can offer a helping hand.

Now, a CMB freebie!

My first CLN share with you is a chart noting the best Facebook groups for cruising moms. Get it here. We’re a niche. There are many types of cruisers out there, some retired, some single, and every flavor in between. We, the cruising families, have unique challenges that only other cruising families understand! I hope you find this share helpful and, more importantly, that it helps you find ‘your people’.

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