Cruising Mom: Kim Brown
Boat: S/V Sailing Britican a 2003 56’ Oyster
Crew: husband, Simon; kid, Sienna (8)

We first ran across Kim’s site when looking for other boat maintenance checklists to share. What a wealth of knowledge! She explains that, “At Sailing Britican we help individuals, couples and families to take the exciting leap from living on land to becoming full time liveaboard cruisers. We do this through helpful guides, checklists, how-to videos, our Members Only Club (consultancy) and by having people join us on Britican for a week-long liveaboard sailing experience. 

She kindly welcomed this newbie blogger and answered a few questions…


Q: What boat do you have? Who’s on your boat? Where are your cruising grounds? What are your cruising plans?

A: We have an monohaul Oyster 56’ that was built in 2003. Our boat we have Simon, Sienna (age 8) and me (Kim). Simon is British, I’m American and our daughter is both so we named our boat Britican (BRITish and amerICAN). 

For the past four years we’ve clocked up over 30,000 miles sailing around the Mediterranean (a few times), crossing the Atlantic with the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers (ARC), up the Caribbean to the east coast of America and now we’re back down in the southern Caribbean. 

Our plans are to hang out between Antigua and Trinidad this year. After several months of sailing south we want to take some time out to really get to know the area better. It’s nice to travel to new islands every few days AND it’s nice to chill out for a while and stay put for a few weeks or so. 


Q: Where is your homeport? What did your pre-cruising life look like?

A: The boat is registered in London but we purchased Britican in Palma, Majorca Spain. Our last land based home was in a suburb, or home county, of London, UK. Simon was a Prison Officer for young offenders, Sienna was a toddler and I was a business owner. We had a nice life but it seemed as if we were working all the time. We did what we were suppose to do – my husband and I had the nice house, car, holidays and everything that was suppose to make us happy but we just didn’t feel very fulfilled. 

Selling everything we owned, buying a boat and setting sail has been the best decision we could have ever made. Our lives are incredibly fulfilling. now.


Cruising Advice

Q: What’s your best piece of advice for moms new to cruising?

A: To be kind, patient and loving to yourself. It’s not easy to transition into a cruising mom. Taking on homeschooling, alone, is quite a challenge. Fortunately there are many cruising moms that have gone before us and have loads of invaluable tips to make our lives easier. 

At first the cruiser life is overwhelming. The key is to remind yourself that it’s going to get easier. Eventually, you will be able to make routines and find balance. Furthermore, you’ll wake up one day and think, ‘Wow – what an amazing life I have’ and ‘Gosh – I’m giving my child one heck of a childhood!’ But getting to that point can take a little bit of time 😉


Q: What is something you struggled with when you first started cruising as a family? How did you overcome it?

A: The biggest issue I faced was my perceived loss of control. When you start sailing you have all these crazy ideas about actually getting to where you want to go. Almost always plans change. The weather changes or the wind direction doesn’t want to play ball. I expected to get to where I wanted to go and found it difficult when things didn’t go to plan. 

Once I realized that I was not in control (and never was to begin with) the sailing life got easier and easier. I seemed to let go of having things go the way I wanted them to go. If there’s on thing that sailing teaches you, it’s to go with the flow. 


Sailing Britian 

Q: What inspired you to create Sailing Britican?

A: Our desire to help make the lives of those following in our footsteps easier. Becoming a full time live aboard cruisers is hard work. It’s super fulfilling but hard. Our aim has been to help make the boat buying process less complicated and the life transition easier, less costly and more enjoyable.

For a free guide on 10 Steps To Buying A Sailboat For Long Term Cruising visit: and for access to over 400 articles/videos, valuable boating guides and membership information, visit:


Kim created in 2013, and has poured years worth of helpful information via articles, guides, and YouTube videos into this great resource. Check it out! You won’t regret it.

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