Holidays on Kid Boats

Holidays on Kid Boats

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Wonder how family crews celebrate holidays on their boats?



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S/V Mariposa
2011 38 Leopard, family of four. Left from Connecticut in 2016, down to Florida, and across to the Bahamas. This is there 3rd year in the Bahamas.

Sailing Over the Rainbow:
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Sharing how they make celebrations in the U.S. and Bahamas special onboard. Celebrations like birthdays, Halloween, cruiser’s Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter!

Cruising Holidays

SV Mahi
We’re on a Taswell 43, a family of three, and have been cruising since 2015. This season we are cruising the Bahamas, and Caribbean.

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Stories about some of our more unique holiday experiences about Mahi. Also, some advice on how to plan your holidays onboard your boat – plus a few stories about what NOT to do.

Celebrating Holidays Aboard Mahi

SV Britican
A family of three living onboard a 2003 56 Oyster. Sailed over 30,000 miles and currently sailing between Antigua and Trinidad.

Sailing Britican:
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Many people ask Kim how they enjoy the holidays on Sailing Britican as liveaboard cruisers. She’s written this post to answer them.

How To Enjoy The Holidays As A Liveaboard Cruiser

SV Shawnigan
A bluewater cruising family of five living onboard a Stevens 40.

A Family Afloat:
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Last year this family celebrated Christmas and New Year’s at sea! Their post shares their experience.

Mexico to Costa Rica, our 1650 mile upwind passage completed!

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