Managing Weather

Managing Weather

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Wonder how family crews 
manage weather on their boats?



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SV Mahi
We’re on a Taswell 43, a family of three, and have been cruising since 2015. SV Mahi is currently cruising in the Bahamas sailing south to the Caribbean.  Follow us!

SV Mahi
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Cruising on a sailboat brings to mind tropical waters and sandy beaches, snorkeling and/or diving, or building sandcastles on the beach. However, the reality of cruising is you live your lives by the weather – from closely following every forecast for route planning, or where to anchor, to affecting simple decisions like do you close your hatches before heading to the beach. Having accurate weather aboard is critical. Sounds a bit dramatic, but you really do live your life according to weather forecasts.

Obtaining Offshore Weather on Mahi

SV Shawnigan
A bluewater cruising family of five living onboard a Stevens 40.

A Family Afloat:
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We are asked about what we do for weather planning quite often… our response in a nutshell is this…

Weather Planning

SV Tarquilla
Family of 2 adults, 3 children and a dog on a cat in Southwest England. Currently refitting having adventured around Biscay.

SV Tarquilla
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An old post resurrected about managing in stormy weather in harbour

Winter Storms

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