The Shake Down

The Shake Down

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Wonder What It’s Like During The Shake Down Period After Transitioning Aboard?



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SV Litha
A family of four on a 1988 Irwin 54 Ketch.

Life Off The
Deep End

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This is the story of our first 5 months aboard after being quickly forced to live off the grid at anchor.  From numerous boat projects to our shake out cruise!

We Went Boat Sh*t Crazy! (aka: Transitioning Aboard)

SV Mahi
Family of 3 who retired early and set off in 2015.  Heading for Rio Dulce this season. Follow us!

SV Mahi
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Realistic view about the shakedown phase of your boat.

Shakedown Time With Your Boat

MV Noeta
We are 2 teens, their parents and a fat cat. Last summer we got rid of everything and left our Gig Harbor, Washington home to spend the summer cruising the west coast. We then bought a different boat in Rhode Island and have just finished cruising the east coast. We are now having the boat shipped to Mexico to cruise there for awhile.

MV Noeta
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Much of our family’s transition aboard was learning how to do some everyday things that we didn’t even think twice about when living in a house. Some things become a little trickier when cruising. How do you get water? Where do you get mail? What about sewage (ewww)? Read how our family works through all of these  in a normal day.

Logistics Of Living Aboard And Cruising

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