Transitioning from Land to Moving Aboard

Transitioning from Land to Moving Aboard

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Wonder How (And Why) We Transitioned from Land
to Moving Aboard?



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SV Britican
A family of three living onboard a 2003 56 Oyster. Sailed over 30,000 miles and currently sailing between Antigua and Trinidad.

Sailing Britican
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The transition from living in the rat race to living full time on a sailboat has taught me some amazing lessons. One of the largest lessons I’ve noted, thus far, is my ability to consciously choose life’s course rather than live life on automatic pilot. In the past I thought I was making choices but after reflection I was simply being distracted by life rather than living it.

How Sailing Full Time Has Taught Me How To Take My Life Off Autopilot and Consciously Choose Life’s Course

SV Calypso
My husband and I have owned our 28’ Bristol Channel Cutter since 1992. We’ve extensively cruised her twice, from 1994-1997 and then again (with 2 kids on board) from 2009-2010). We’re currently doing a complete interior refit as we prep to sail off again in the late fall of 2019, after both kids are in college. I’ve cruised as part of a young couple and as part of a family.

Fit 2 Sail
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Nica shares the torture of being on the cusp of sailing away; still going through the motions of land life and wishing for more cruising prep time. You should also read her Chesapeake Bay article There And Back Again about their 8 month family cruise.

The Secret Life of About-To-Be Cruisers

SV Element
We are a Canadian family of 4 living aboard our catamaran Element. We purchased our new home in January 2015 and have been aboard since then. We have had many adventures and hope you enjoy following along.

SV Element
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This crew was the typical suburban family: two careers, two kids, two dogs…but one overpriced Mexican almost-vacation experience changed all that.

Transition From Land Life To Boat Life

SV Litha
A family of four on a 1988 Irwin 54 Ketch.

Life Off The Deep End
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We sold our house in Seattle and moved into a 26’ trailer to travel down the west coast and shop for our home afloat.  This blog is written by my 12 year old son during our trailer to sailboat transition.

Our Trailer To Sailboat Journey

SV Mahi
We’re on a Taswell 43, a family of three, and have been cruising since 2015. SV Mahi is currently cruising in the Bahamas sailing south to the Caribbean.  Follow us!

SV Mahi
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My article takes a realistic approach to moving about and the emotions you may feel when making this transition.

Transition To Moving Aboard Challenges

SV Mariposa
We’re a family of four that decided it was time for something different – different climate, different lifestyle, different priorities. We sold everything we owned, bought a Leopard 38 catamaran, and left Connecticut in the fall of 2016 to follow the summer south. Since then we’ve been spending most of our time in the Bahamas and Florida (for hurricane season and boat work).

Sailing Over the Rainbow
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New Year’s has always been a time to reflect on life. What resolutions do you want to set? Are there changes you want to make? Are you living the life you want to live? Do you have dreams? Are you following those dreams? We are. Read about how it all started for us.

New Year’s and Our Why

SV Monster
We are a family of 3 aboard our 47′ steel Custom Bruce Roberts Spray ‘Monster’. Our blog chronicles our ‘Monster’ moments, our life and family afloat in Toronto, Canada. For now. 

Good Ship Monster
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Living aboard for 5 years and plans to cast off dock lines in 2020, this is Good Ship Monster’s account of how they prepared for life afloat and are they manifested living their dream.

In Preparation For Our Life Afloat

SV Serendipity
A family of 6 from Maine. Currently cruising the Carribean aboard their 2011 Jeanneau 44i, with 2 dogs.

Live The Voyage
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Once our boat was officially ours, Kevin and I looked at each other and asked “now what?”

We Bought A Boat – Now What?!

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