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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I join your Facebook Group?
Unfortunately, no. I don’t have a Facebook Group…but we do have a Facebook Page. Like us @CruisingMomBlog. You can also find me commenting in most cruising family groups. Not following any groups yet? Check out my recommendations here.
Do you share your family cruising adventures?
Yes, we do. You can find us at hauquitzcrew.comĀ 
Do you make any money from this site?

Unfortunately no. Well, at least, not yet…but know that I’m a God-fearing woman who certainly will not sell my soul to make a buck. I take affiliate marketing seriously. I only recommend products or services that I’ve personally used and will never suggest something I think is crap. What I like about purchasing through affiliate links is that it doesn’t cost you anything extra AND I get a small percentage of your sale’s purchase. It’s a win-win. Learn more.

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